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Once a Pack American quote has been approved with artwork, we need art files built to scale with fonts outlined in Adobe Illustrator with accompanying PDF. We offer some design guidance and limited design services. A FTP site can be provided for uploading.

Most custom programs operate under a “make and ship” protocol, but after over two decades in the US, we have cultivated strong partnerships and that extends into warehousing and distributing. Recently, we have grown our warehousing activity and hope to offer more as the market dictates. Ask you local account executive about your options for warehousing and distributing.

We are truly on a global scale with manufacturing capabilities in China, Korea, Indonesia, Japan and the United States.

Our standard lead-times from Asia are 10-12 weeks from proof approval. Physical proofs are provided within 2-3 weeks of a PO accompanied with artwork being placed. Please ask about expedited services and domestic options.

For a while there has been an industry standard of 5,000 pieces for custom packaging based on the costs to set-up machines for production. At 5,000 pieces those set-up charges become less noticeable in the price per piece.

The Pack America is committed to making custom packaging at a quantity that suits you while taking into consideration minimum order quantities (MOQ) specific to non-stock paper bag and box materials. Plastic bag MOQ tends to run higher as the process is done more in-line. For lower quantities and faster turnarounds, ask about the stock packaging options we offer.


That depends upon many factors including style, size, design and quantity. Please contact us to discuss your individual project needs. Our executives will listen and help identify the right product for your program. We work hard to get most quotes calculated and submitted to our clientele by the very next business day.


Environmental awareness is something we take very seriously here at The Pack America and this consciousness extends to the materials we offer our partners. Whether it’s ingrained environmentally conscious corporate governance or following the growing domestic packaging ordinances we have you covered. We can offer 100% recycled natural Kraft paper, 40% PCW white Kraft paper, 40% PCW C2S paper, FSC paper options as well as offering the option of importing either American or European papers.

As with many cultural art forms in Japan, packaging is a true extension of the retailers brand experience. No other place does packaging play such a role in terms of quality and complexity than in Japan. With our parent company, The Pack Corporation, being the largest packaging manufacturer in Japan the insights, trends and demand for quality that we service our Asian partners with naturally extend to our partners in the western market. Our comprehensive approach to packaging done to the seemingly mundane details is what differentiates The Pack from the rest.