Customized Packaging

Expert Consultation

300 salespersons, 60 designers, and 10 researchers offer insight, advice, and options based on manufacture-based knowledge. We have been producing just packaging for decades and have a clear insight into the process and demands. As a result, we solve your problems and support your package renewal, determining specifications and brand consistency.

For all industries

We have been serving more than 14,000 clients from all industries globally, and we understand that not every request is the same. With 70 years of experience, we offer finely tuned insight into engineered constructions and designs, allowing for brand consistency as well as program-specific budgets.

With Wide Variety Of Options

We have expanded and evolved our manufacturing capabilities since 1952 from selling wooden boxes to high-level production of paper bags, plastic bags, boxes, reusable bags, food packaging, e-commerce mailers and packages, and many more. Our business environment is fluctuating rapidly, so updates to packaging require changing with the times. The Pack America Corporation, as a one-stop packaging solution, can contribute to your success.

Please get in touch and our expert support team will answer all your questions.