Jewelry & Accessories

  • 2pcs
    2pcs - Custom Box Product Image - Open Box View 2pcs - Custom Box Product Image - Top View
  • Die Cut Handle Paper Bag (Hand made)
    This bag has die cut handle with turn top. Durable, and good for packing. All materials are paper, so it is recyclable, and sustainable option.
  • Box Style Paper Bag
    Customized Box Style Paper Bag - Opened View Customized Box Style Paper Bag - Top View
    This unique bag has rope handles with closure on top. It is great for gift packaging and product packaging.
  • Mailer Boxes
  • Shipping Boxes
  • Slit Top Insert Bag
    Slit Top Insert Bag - Product Image Front Shot
    This is more sophisticated paper bag style without knots. This is great for luxury brands.
  • Euro Tote Bag (Knotted Handles)
    This is the most popular paper bag style for apparel and luxury brands. We have fully hand made bag and semi-automated bag. Fully hand made bag is ...
  • J Cut Paper Bag
    This bag has standing handle, and is fully machine made, but this has foldover on the top. This is the hybrid having reasonable cost, and upscale f...

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