"Japan Pack 2023" Exhibition Report - Introduction of Automated Packaging Machine for Paper Delivery Bags

From October 3rd to 6th, 2023, the 'JAPAN PACK 2023 Japanese Packaging Industry Exhibition' was held at Tokyo Big Sight. The Pack Corp., our HQ in Japan, co-exhibited with YAC Machinery Co., Ltd.

This year's JAPAN PACK, themed 'The Journey to the Future - Beyond the Ordinary,' showcased and introduced the latest equipment and technologies in the packaging and related industries that contribute to the automation and efficiency of production lines, aiming to achieve a sustainable society. 


Appearance of the Exhibition Booth

The Pack exhibited at the following booth:
The Pack - Booth Image

Exhibition Booth

At this booth, we displayed the improved version of the automatic packaging machine for paper delivery bags, along with packages for e-commerce market.

The Pack - Booth Inside

Introduction of the Automatic Packaging System for Paper Mailer Bag

We have been introducing the 'Automatic Packaging System for Paper Mailer Bag,' developed with YAC Machinery Co., Ltd.. At this exhibition, we were able to present it in an upgraded form after further improvements.

The Features of the Automatic Packaging System for Paper Mailer Bags

  • Now capable of automatically packing paper mailer bags, which was previously challenging.
  • Automatically detects the length of the product and can package it in the optimal size.
  • Capable of attaching shipping labels with an auto-labeler 
  • Packing thicker items by adding gussets.

Upgraded Functions for This Version

  • Degassing function makes packaging size smaller.
  • Reduced the width of the back adhesive seal allow decreasing paper usage.

Pressing and pushing out excess air inside the delivery bag reduces the internal volume of the bag, enabling a more compact packaging size.

Sample of production by automated packing machine

We will continue to develop and improve our products to make them more user-friendly and sustainable.

Furthermore, we can customize the introduced automatic packing machine for paper Mailer bags along with specific uses and requests. Please consider implementing the automatic packing machine for paper mailer bags, which contribute to 'environmental responsiveness' and 'labor saving.'

As a comprehensive package manufacturer, The Pack America faces the challenges considered by our customers and offers ideas to solve them through packaging. If you have specific issues, queries, or requests, please contact us.